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      Security of Supply and COVID-19 Updates

      Customers are looking for security in their chemical and ingredient supply. At Univar Solutions, we leverage our unparalleled network, supplier relationships, digital technology, technical expertise, and market knowledge to help our customers navigate dynamic market conditions.

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      Lubricants and metalworking

      Specialty additives and chemicals with the highest standards of service and technical support

      Whether it’s meeting a new regulatory requirement, launching a new product, or troubleshooting an existing formulation, we have the technical and application expertise, along with product innovation know-how to support from concept to commercialization.

      Our extensive portfolio consists of base stocks, specialized additives, and components as well as lubricants and metalworking fluids from the most renowned brands in the industry. 




      From straight oils to solution synthetics, Univar Solutions has an extensive line of components for your formulating needs. We offer one of the broadest surfactants portfolios for emulsification, wetting and lubricity.  Our product offering also includes solvents, oleo chemistry and other specialty components for corrosion protection, microbial inhibition, extreme pressure performance, and more.


      Univar Solutions offers components for your formulation needs into end use applications such as hydraulics, gear, turbine, compressor, engine oil and much more. From base oils to additives, we offer a comprehensive line of products from established producers.


      If you are formulating greases for power generation, automotive, heavy equipment, food & beverage, or chemical manufacturing, Univar Solutions offers a broad range of products to meet your formulation challenges. With key product offerings for soap and non-soap based greases, let us decrease the complexity of your grease component supply!


      Univar Solutions focuses on serving the Lubricants and Metalworking industry with a suite of products and services to help optimize your formulations’ performance, differentiate your offering, improve quality and meet regulatory requirements.

      Our broad and diverse range of products  include base stocks, performance-enhancing additives for both lubricants and metalworking fluids. 

      + Base Oils
      • White mineral oils
      • Naphthenic
      • Natural Oils
      • Methyl Esters
      • Monoesters
      • Diesters
      • Polyol esters
      • Aromatic Esters
      • Polymeric Fatty Acid & Complex Esters
      • PAGs
      • PIBs
      • Silicones
      + Solvents
      • Glycols
      • Dios
      • Glycerin
      • LVP VOC-Exempt Solvents
      • Isoparaffins
      • Alkyl Benzenes
      • Other
      + Glycol Ethers & Acetates
      • Ethylene Based
      • Propylene Based
      + Amines
      • Alkanolamines
      • Alkyl Amines
      + Amides
      • Fatty Acid Amide
      • Fatty Acid Amide Ethoxylates
      + Emulsifiers & Surfactants
      • Ethoxylates and Fatty Ethoxylates- Nonionic
      • Sorbitan and Ethoxylated Sorbitan(s)
      • Glycerol Esters
      • PEG Esters
      • Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates
      • Alkylaryl Polyethers
      • Alkyl Polyglucosides
      • Amine Ethoxylates
      • Alkoxylates- Nonionic
      • Sulfosuccinates/ Sulfosuccinamates
      • Fatthy Alcohol Ethoxylate Carboxylic Acid- Anionic
      • Ether Carboxylates- Anionic
      • Ether Carboxylates- Anionic
      • Cationic Quaternaries
      • Fluorosurfactants
      + Corrosion Inhibitors
      • Amine Carboxylates
      • Specialty Corrosion Inhibitors
      • Other Corrosion Inhibitors
      + Sulfonates
      • Calcium Sulfonates
      • Sodium Sulfonates
      • Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonates
      + Chelants
      • EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid)
      • TDA (trisodium dicarboxymethyl alaninate)
      • GLDA (carboxy methyl glutamin acid)
      • Phosphonates
      + Rheology Modifiers
      • Polyacrylates
      • PIBs
      • Waxes
      • Plastic Additives
      • PTFE
      • Polyurea
      • Fumed Silica
      • Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)
      • Other
      + Extreme Pressure Additives
      • Chlorinated Paraffins
      • Phosphate
      • Phosphonate
      • Phosphite
      • Friction Modifiers
      + Antioxidants
      • Phenol
      • Phosphite
      + Defoamers & Antifoams
      • Silicone/ Siloxane
      • Non-Silicone
      + Dispersants
      • Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydrides (PIBSA)
      • Polyisobutylene Succinimides (PIBSI)
      • Acrylates
      + Fatty Acids
      • Conventional and Fractionated Fatty Acids
      • Synthetic Acids
      • Tall Oil Products
      • Dimer and Trimer Acids
      + Alcohols
      • Fatty Alcohols
      • Synthetic Alcohols
      + Microbicides & Biodispersants
      • Microbicides
      • Biodispersants
      + Performance Additives
      • Linear Alpha Olefins (LAO)
      • Hydrolytric Stability Improvements
      + Inorganics
      • Acids and Bases


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